YogaDave TakeAway

Series 1 - Name your Frustration

   1. Opening Meditation-Beauty In The Again.mp3

   2. Sun Salute A-Flow in Keys.mp3

   3. Sun Salute B-Gotta Flow Tango-v2.mp3

   4. Static Warriors-Jazoga.mp3

   5. Static Plank-Walk on Down.mp3

   6. Floor Postures-Pedro's Theme.mp3

   7. Final Release-Beauty In The Again.mp3


Are these free?

See my pay as you go page.

How do I get them to my iPod?

ctrl-click (or right click on PC) to ‘save link as...’ to your computer. Then drag each track to a playlist in iTunes, and drag the playlist to your iPod.

Additional series will be available soon.