Pay as you go - YogaDave at Ballet Hispanico

Show up with a mat and $20, or pay early and show your practice receipt number to save time and money. You still need to bring a mat, but the 2 for $20 is a great way to share an evening with a friend. The practice receipt number will be emailed and can be displayed on your phone at the time of practice to save paper.

Pay as you go - TakeAway

YogaDave TakeAway series are “pay as you go”. Download and try any PodCast, then pick the category that fits:

   1. If you don’t like the PodCast, pay nothing. Just delete the files. But you could click some sponsor links anyway.

   2. If you like the PodCast and expect to use it from time to time, select $7.50.

   3. If you like the PodCast a lot and expect to use it regularly, select $15.